Tour d'Organics 2015!

Lee Corkett Photography will be on site at Tour d'Organics 2015!

From start to finish, Lee Corkett Photography will be photographing riders as they weave and wind their way through the picturesque roads of California's Sonoma County!

Sit back elated with a cold bevvy, enjoy the remains of the day, and peruse some great photos of your experience!

Almost as soon as you can hop off your bike, we'll have the images available for viewing at various computer stations, and online here at, with instant printing for those of you who want to walk away with something special!

Your ride is a unique experience, and we'll be photographing you as you:
  • begin your ride;
  • pass various locations en route;
  • at the end of the ride;
  • ...and we'll have a photo booth for a quick, fun portrait of you and your family, or crew.

Rider Photo Packages:

There's two ways to purchase your photos. You can either pre-order with us ahead of time, or check out the images after the ride. If you choose to reserve before the day of the event, we'll throw in two free prints of any image you purchased.

We've got 3 packages to fit your tastes:

Buy Single Images Through Galleries Below

Any purchased images can be printed at 6x8" on-site for $5, and $3 for additional copies.
Any and all digital images can be put on a USB to take home with you for $10.
Delivery of digital images via email is free.

Image Galleries:

See your photos anytime via these galleries (updated as the ride completes), or at the event at our viewing booths.

Or check out the "Essence" d'Organics to start
(a few choice images from the day)

Good Things to Know:

After The Event

There's two ways to get photos.

  1. Single Photos: Enter any gallery from the portals above, and purchase any single photo for $15, or make prints.
  2. Purchase a Package: Simply use the form above to purchase your "En Route" photos, your Portraits, or both.
  3. Any time you have questions, give us a call at 805-660-3831, or email us at

At The Event

  1. Visit the Lee Corkett Photography viewing booth after the ride, or bookmark this URL to view the online galleries. 
  2. Plan to take some time to view and select your photos.
  3. If you pre-ordered, we'll deliver your images immediately via email, or put them on a USB for $10. We can also makes any prints you'd like on the spot.
  • If you can't visit the booth, we'll have the images in our online galleries for several months. 
  • Feel free to email us anytime at

Copyright and Usage

In two easy steps:

  • Photos purchased from Lee Corkett Photography carry a non-exclusive, personal-only usage license.
    • Translation: You can use these images for any personal purpose, in any form, so long as it's not a promotional, or commercial use. They can't be used to promote events, other people, or entities. "Non-exclusive" means Lee Corkett retains the right use the photos for his purposes. "Usage License" means that you do not own the photos, but you have the right to display them publicly for personal, non-promotional use.
  • The "Lee Corkett Photography" branded watermark attached to all photos must remain intact, visible, and unedited. In the event the watermark is obscured, you must credit "Lee Corkett Photography" in every situation where the photo appears. 
    • Translation: Leave the watermark alone! Credit for my work is how I survive! If the watermark is cropped out, a credit by-line must added next to the photo and state "Photo by Lee Corkett Photography"

Contact us if you have any questions concerning your usage.