Mat Jacob @ Tribal Fest 2014

Mat Jacob @ Tribal Fest 2014

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Photo Sizes

We have 3 sizes available to you, for 3 different uses.

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Pro Size - Prints to well 8x10 for flyers and small posters; (2500px, long side)

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Copyright and Usage

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  • "Performance Portraits" purchased from Lee Corkett Photography carry a non-exclusive, self-promotion only usage license.
    • Translation: You can use these images for any purpose, in any form, so long as you are promoting yourself as a dancer. They can't be used to promote events, other people, or entities. "Non-exclusive" means Lee Corkett retains the right use the photos for his purposes. "Usage License" means that you do not own the photos (I do), but you have the right to "use" them.
  • The "Lee Corkett Photography" branded watermark attached to all photos must remain intact, visible, and unedited. In the event the watermark is obscured, you must credit "Lee Corkett Photography" in every situation where the photo appears. 
    • Translation: Leave the watermark alone! Credit for my work is how I survive! If your graphic designer urges you to crop it out, insist that a credit by-line is added next to the photo and states "Photo by Lee Corkett Photography"

Contact us if you have any questions concerning your usage.